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ALEGRIA: What Our Kids Say

ALEGRIA: Hope through Art

I founded ALEGRIA: Hope through Art, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization empowering underserved youth to transform their live through arts and music education. 

I started this work after teaching art on a volunteer basis in La Sagrada Familia, an orphanage and school in the shantytowns north of Lima, Peru. ALEGRIA has provided short term creative workshops in photography, visual art, music, and much more. ALEGRIA has also invested in La Sagrada Familia's music program, creating a classical music program alongside the community's founder, Miguel Rodriguez. 

Since 2009, ALEGRIA has served thousands of youth in Peru and communities in need in New York City. This years-long project has been the work of my heart, and these children have inspired me in so many ways. Here is more of their story. 

ALEGRIA: What Our Kids Say

What does joy mean to these kids? Hear from their perspectives.

ALEGRIA Interview with Miguel Rodriguez

Miguel Rodriguez is the founder of La Sagrada Familia, an orphanage community and school serving 900 children in a shantytown community on the outskirts of Lima. Miguel is a visionary and has invested his life in these children. He is the reason we started ALEGRIA. Filmed by Adam Sjoberg.

ALEGRIA: Our story

An in-depth look at ALEGRIA's vision, mission, and programming filmed by David Hong.

ALEGRIA Overview

An overview video of ALEGRIA created by Adam Sjoberg near the beginning of our journey in 2010.